“Our category creating platform will shock the social media world!”
Platform v.2.6 update: iQLife’s Proprietary Social Media Platform is in the final stages of a/b testing and in just a few weeks v.2.6., will make its PUBLIC DEBUT.

CA$H in on your Social Media activity!

Our Platform will PAY & REWARD YOU for what you already do on other sites and receive nothing in return. Simply invite, connect, and share after creating a profile for FREE to accumulate points and COLD HARD CASH. Points can be redeemed for gift cards to over 100 retail and big-box stores nationwide and some internationally. Why not be rewarded for something you enjoy doing for free. “It’s the smarter way to konnect”!


iQLife is about enhancing the lives of all Free users of our new social sharing platform, as well as our iQLife First Inviters and affiliates who make a product purchase of just $9.95 per month. First Inviters receive access to exclusive member benefits as well as sharing in up to 50% of company revenues that are generated from advertising and a variety of ways the platform will be monetized in the future. This is in addition to the monies earned in our 3 x 15 force filled social grid compensation plan. iQLife opens the door for you to earn a great additional part or full-time residual income stream.

iQLife, is not just a global technology and social media company, but also one of the finest and most lucrative international income opportunities available today. You absolutely owe it to yourself to check out what iQLife can do for you!

Corporate executives introducing the Platform to 2nd round of Beta Testers at the “Gathering”

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iQLife Pay Plan

  • The opportunity is based on everyone sharing our new platform and opportunity with just 3 people each thru 15 levels, How simple is that!

  • This can turn into a very large team growing from 3 to 9 to 27, 81, 243 etc., thru 9 levels, expanding to 15. (best part is you’re paid on the entire team)

  • When anyone on the team personally enrolls more than 3, it creates SPILLOVER. (some will enroll 10, 20 or more, which helps fill your social grid)

  • The question is, how hard would it be for you to find just 3 friends from work, school, or other social media sites, who would invest $9.95 for the chance to earn unlimited residual income.




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Income Disclaimer: Any income examples on this site are simply for educational and illustrative purposes only, not guarantees of actual income. What you actually earn is totally dependent on you and your team’s effort, time and ability. Therefore this is not a “get rich quick” scheme, but is a real business building opportunity with unlimited income potential.